Our Process Ensures Your Success

At The Exoskeleton Store, while our exoskeletons are new-age technology, our service is old fashioned. We believe in cultivating relationships with our clients, not just making a sale and assigning you a number. Here is what you can expect.

*All of our outreach is handled by a live, US based subject matter expert (SME).

*Your SME will be your sole point of contact for ordering, training and support. We pledge one source of contact.


*Your personal SME will reach out by phone and/or email after your purchase to confirm sizing information.

*During this call, your SME will review our follow up process which is personalized for each customer based on your preference.

Delivery Follow Up: Your SME Will Work To Ensure Proper Adjustment & Answer Questions
2-Week Follow Up: Your SME Can Follow Up At The 2-Week Mark To Confirm Desired Outcome
3/6/12 Month Follow Up: This Contact Is Determined By You. Yet, We're Always Only A Phone Call Away

Proudly Serving North America From Central Minnesota

Why We Do What We Do

The Exoskeleton Store was founded out of a necessity to bring state-of-the-art technology from across the world, to the skilled laborers of the United States. We are blue-collar workers with an aim to support our blue-collar brethren who share our commitment to hard work. Too long have the beneficial technologies that enhance productivity, safety, endurance and overall enrichment of lives been kept out of reach of the 'everyman'.

As the Exoskeleton Industry is currently focused upon Medical, Military and Industry, who is responsible for providing the rest of us high quality, life changing access to human augmentation technologies?

The Exoskeleton Store, That's Who.

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