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Industry Challenges

  • $45-54 Billion in annual cost of work-related musculoskeletal disorders in the US
  • 43% of all work-related injuries in the USA involve the hands
  • $25,000 in average cost for work related hand injuries within the USA
  • 30 days of sick leave and $64,000 is the cost of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome per incident in the USA

  • A 5-finger grip strengthening glove, with intuitive pressure sensors
  • Provides strength and endurance
  • Integrated Ergonomics Risk Assessment Reports
  • Reduced risk of fatigue and work-related strain injuries

  • The Smart Assist function adapts the behavior based on how the glove is being used
  • The operator can configure the system manually and adjust
    • Force
    • Sensitivity
    • Locking Tendency
    • Finger Linking
  • Changes accomplished either by the IronConnect Pro app or the remote control

  • The app provides an overview of all Ironhand equipment on site
  • Easily assign gloves to operators
  • Access Diagnostics
  • Create ergonomic risk reports
  • iOS and Android compatible 

Base Package Includes

  • Ironhand 2.0 Powerpack
  • Ironhand 2.0 Right & Left Glove (Available in Small - Medium - Large - X-Large)
  • Ironhand 2.0 Backpack (S/M or L/XL) -OR- Hip Carry (Small - Medium - Large)
  • Ironhand 2.0 Arm straps - Two Per Kit - (S/M or L/XL)
  • Ironhand 2.0 Padded Wash Bag for Ironhand Gloves
  • Ironhand 2.0 Battery Charger
  • Ironhand 2.0 Batteries - Two per kit
  • Ironhand 2.0 Hard Carry case for complete kit


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