Exoskeletons for the Modern Workforce


Support for shoulders, back and neck!

Our Commercial Multi-Task Exoskeleton is ideal for Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Construction, Masonry, Auto Mechanics, Painters, Drywallers, Welders, Manufacturing, Assembly, Nurses and any other profession or lifestyle where repetitive work over chest level is common place.

Swiss engineered design provides all day support for the users shoulders, back and neck! This unique solution increases the wearer's endurance by decreasing muscle activation, which leads to a decrease in heart rate, and ultimately decreases fatigue.

What would you do with more energy at the end of the day?

Would you be less irritable if you were less tired? Would you be able to feel more happy?

Would you spend more time with your family and pursuing your hobbies?

Would you work more overtime if you had more energy at the end of your 8 hours?  

Why choose the Auxivo Omni Suit?

Unparalleled comfort and support. Total weight is less than 6.6lbs. 

100% Mechanical - No Batteries - No Motors - No Downtime!

Significant cost savings compaired to purchasing both modules separately.

Fully integrated suit combines back and upper body models, saving weight.

Aerospace grade alumnium arm mechanism for anatomical compatibility.

Machine Washable at 70-100 Degrees Fahrenheit

Provides support while lifting from the floor all through placing over chest level.

Elastic Elements are easily interchangeable to customize the level of support.

1-Year Manufacturers Warranty

Why choose the Auxivo Omni Suit?

Effects on Muscle Fatigue

Average Shoulder, Neck & Arm Benefits


  • 45% Fatigue Reduction in Shoulder Muscles while using power drill above chest
  • 60% Fatigue Reduction in Upper Arms while using power drill above chest
  • 75% Fatigue Reduction in the Neck while using power drill above chest

Average Back & Hip Benefits


  • 44% Fatigue Reduction in the hip muscles (Gluteus Maximus)
  • 20% Fatigue Reduction in the upper back (Thoracic Erector Spinae)
  • 14% Fatigue Reduction in the lower back (Lumbar Erector Spinae)

Effects cardiac cost

Shoulder Support Module Average Benefits

  • 15% Reduction in Cardiac Cost when working with a power Drill above chest level
  • 12% Reduction in Cardiac Cost When working with arms outstretched in front

Cardiac Cost

Back Support Module Average Benefits

  • 7% Reduction in Cardiac Cost When repeatedly lifting loads
  • Heart Rate W/O Exoskeleton = 122 bpm.
  • Heart Rate Using Exoskeleton = 117 bpm.
  • Cardiac Cost W/O Exoskeleton = 58 bpm.
  • Cardiac Cost Using Exoskeleton - 54 bpm.

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