Exoskeletons for the Modern Workforce


Support for shoulders, back and neck!

Increase your endurance by reducing your muscle activation with our Back Support Exoskeleton by Crimson Dynamics.  Designed to reduce the burden of repetitive lifting tasks by providing up to 46 Lbs. of support, while accomplishing little interference when not in active assistance mode.

Our best selling back support exoskeleton was developed and priced to be an affordable, practical & effective way to approach personal protective equipment.

What would you do with more energy at the end of the day?

Would you be less irritable if you were less tired? Would you be able to feel more happy?

Would you spend more time with your family and pursuing your hobbies?

Would you work more overtime if you had more energy at the end of your 8 hours?  

Why choose Every Day Back Support?

Provides up to 46 Lbs. of support when bending or lifting.

Patented swing mechanism ensures free movement when walking

Can be worn under outer wear and most safety harnesses.

Tensioning system allows the user to adjust for the perfect amount of assistance.

200,000 extension life-cycle on bands - Cheap and Easy to replace.

Machine Washable at 70-100 Degrees Fahrenheit

Reinforced bands compensate for the Erector Spinae muscles.

Breathable Nylon design is reinforced with 7075 Aluminum - weighing only 1.6 Lbs.

1-Year Manufacturers Warranty

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